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빛과 그림자


The Church Called by the Lord, calling

The Church Sent by the Lord, mission

A community of disciples trained by the Lord, training and nurture

​Fulfill your calling and mission and strive for training and nurturing 

We move forward to a church that pleases God, a true church filled with the life of God.

​First, we are building a church called by the Lord (calling)

Matthew 28:16  The eleven disciples went to Galilee and came to the mountain Jesus had pointed out.

Matthew 28:17  When they saw Jesus, they worshiped him, but there were still those who doubted.

​healing community


Eleven disciples gathered. Judas Iscariot, who accompanied Jesus from the beginning, is the missing number. It is a number suggesting that they are hurt by Judas. Not only Judas, but all the disciples gathered again holding the scars of abandoning Jesus and running away. But Jesus embraces all their failures and pains. He embraces disciples who “still doubt”.

Churches are not perfect groups of people. It is a “community of healing” that calls broken and broken sinners, heals them, embraces them, and adopts them as children through the Gospel. We want to become a community that cares for and loves each other and heals with the Gospel.

Friday Worship Community prayer  ㅣ  Friday Worship at 8pm
I want to build a worship service where we lay hands and pray for each other, and receive answers in the fervent presence. I want to have a time of healing in which many broken hearts are healed and prayers are restored through worship that believers not only believe in fellowship, but also experience worship. 

Living Intercession Prayer Meeting  ㅣ Friday 2pm  &  Daily Dawn Worship
Intercession is not an option. When there is a steady meeting of intercessory prayer with intensive prayer topics at least once a week, the church can win the spiritual war and keep the church, the body of Christ, healthy and beautiful. 


A community dedicated to evangelism


Jesus' disciples met Jesus on the mountain he pointed out. The disciples did not initiate or initiate an encounter with Jesus. The event that human beings meet Jesus is done by God's sovereign choice. The Westminster Confession of Faith calls it “effectual calling.” It means that God predestines the saints whom he has decided to save, regenerates them through the Holy Spirit, and calls them to be his children and people.

The church's mission is to "call the lost with the gospel" and lead the children whom God has chosen to save.


A community that builds living worship


Seeing the face of God is a value that precedes all ministry. God wants to build a church where the presence of the Holy Spirit is alive on this earth and the church that goes forth “sees His face” through worship and “worship” where the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed.


​Second, we are building a church sent by the Lord (mission)

Matthew 28:18  Jesus came and spoke and said,All authority has been given to me

Seeing the face of God is a value that precedes all ministry. God wants to build a church where the presence of the Holy Spirit is alive on this earth and the church that goes forth “sees His face” through worship and “worship” where the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed.


A community to serve where you are sent


A community that spreads the gospel among nations, tribes, and nations


Domestic missions and service  &  Overseas missionsㅣ  Milal Mission Church, the third Saturday of each month

I can't meet you if you don't go. There is no one who hears without the lips of the preacher. You cannot experience the Word without serving.

We want to be a church that handles local missions on a daily basis. Visit Milal Mission once a month on a designated Saturday 

I want to serve Milal members with sharing worship words, ​lunch, and craft time.

I want to pray and serve not only in overseas missions by going to overseas mission fields to preach the word and help missionaries, but also to find domestic mission opportunities in other languages and cultures in the United States.

New family education ㅣ  3-week course ㅣ New family bible study designed apologetically

All those who register as a new family in the New Blessing Church receive a three-week course of new family education. It is a time for parents and new families to ask and answer questions and to share abundantly. For those who have faith, it will be a good time to systematically organize the contents of the gospel that they have known so far, and for those who hear the gospel for the first time, ask enough questions and answer together. It will be a meaningful time to visit.

When you first encounter the faith, it is difficult to be deeply rooted in the faith if there are unresolved questions about the truth of Christianity. Many souls come to meet “Christianity with answers” through the New Family Class, where the church solves questions that the church avoided and talks together. Through apologetic content, it will be a process that will help you remove obstacles to faith and help you listen to the gospel.

Even for existing believers, the apologetic New Family Class is helpful. The ability to evangelize to unbelievers' families and friends around them, and the words to be answered will be prepared. Also, not because you don't believe it, but when you solve the questions you have despite your beliefs, the depth of your faith increases with existing believers.

​Third, building a community of disciples trained by the Lord (training and nurturing)

Matthew 28:18  Jesus came and spoke and said, All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
Matthew 28:19  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
Matthew 28:20  Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you, and behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

Referring to discipleship training, Pastor Ok Han-heum defined it as follows. “Teaching until you keep it.” In Matthew 28:20, he paraphrased the words, “Teach them so that they may observe them.” The reason why Christians are criticized in society is because what they say and life do not match. Korean churches have been working hard on worship and missions. However, there were many weaknesses in establishing a substantial Christian life to practice and take responsibility for the Word in the field of life. “Disciple training” is to make our lives, which started with worship, appear as “the fragrance of Christians” in our lives during the week.

Worship Words and Ministry ㅣ  expository sermon, narrative, sequential sermon 

The word of Jesus is everything to the church. The community where the words of Jesus are heard is the church, and the vitality of the church comes alive when we hear the written Word through the illumination of the Holy Spirit. The Word contains “stories” of countless different personalities encountering God with different temperaments and personalities in their own historical circumstances and economic backgrounds. When we discover the "story" of God and people who approached people's lives and met them, we come to know that the story also becomes "our story" that is close and intimate in our lives. That is the current strength of “narrative preaching.” Therefore, we pursue practical and concrete changes in life through character-centered and story-centered sermons.

And through “extensive sermons” and “sequential sermons”, we help you to be deeply immersed in the Word. If you do not preach the words in order and select the text you want every week as if you were “extracting,” it becomes difficult to fully discover the rich and complete meaning of each book of the Bible. The background surrounding the Word is also vast, so when a different text is preached every week, the congregation has to learn anew the background surrounding the Word, and each time it is difficult to remember the Word. Expository sermons and sequential sermons help the congregation fully digest and possess the Word as their own.

Baptism trainingㅣ  Preparation for baptism twice a year and 5-week curriculum

“Baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” - We arrange baptisms twice a year, and there is a 5-week training course for those who wish to be baptized.

Reading trainingㅣ  Once a year, all church members

We want to be a church that reads the entire Bible at least once a year. Video material with explanations so that you can easily read through at the time and place you want personally   The whole church wants to get closer to the Word.

Inductive Bible studyㅣ  cell organization

Inductive Bible study is a process in which a person who studies the Word trains how to interpret the Word and how to closely observe it. Through inductive Bible study, you will be equipped with a methodology to correctly and deeply study and apply the Bible. 

Team Ministryㅣ  

“We will be together”- We want to build a church that fellowships through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and works together with each God-given gift.

We want to build a “church together” through multiple team organizations such as planning and operation team, mission team, intercessory prayer team, media team, worship team, and praise team.

Vision of the next generationㅣ  

Giving young people the role of leading the church’s vision together ㅣ Preparing the Ministry of Education’s curriculum and ministers for their children


Jesus promised his disciples that he would be with them “even to the end of the world.” However, the life as a disciple given to them came to an end after about half a century. The vision of “until the end of the world” promised by Jesus naturally includes the existence of a “new generation” who will continue that mission after the apostles.

For this work, there is one call that the Korean church is desperately demanding. That is, we must all actively make “place for a new generation.” We must receive as a gift from God the church the vision and future that not only the “generation of fathers” but also the generation of young people and children will have. It is not an option, it is a “command” from the Lord. The generation of young people will see what the generation of fathers cannot see, and the generation of children will prepare in advance what the generation of young people does not know.

Marriage schoolㅣ  For all prospective couples who are about to get married ㅣ 5-week training course



The home is the first church. The family is also the place where you lay the foundation of your faith, receive training, practice your faith, and bear fruit. A healthy church is built on the soil of a healthy family. At the same time, a healthy church becomes a fence that builds a healthy family. When the family and the church work together to solidify their faith, they will bear fruit as believers who grow up as people of God 24/7 in good health. In order to build a healthy family, the couple who form the basic unit of the family must have a vision for a family that is ruled by God. Marriage school is for loving couples to have a vision of a family full of joy in heaven. 


The pastor's couple and the prospective couple meet together to study and share the 5-week curriculum. Every week, we learn the purpose and principle of marriage that pleases God through meeting, dating, and marriage of couples in the Bible, and prepare for marriage through the Word and prayer.

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