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Young Adult 
Worship Bulletin

New Blessing Church Youth Department, Newble Youth Department 

It started anew in January 2023.


The bulletin includes the order of worship and a summary of the sermon,

A cell meeting questionnaire is also included.

​Bulletin is published online every week

It is being shared on the Newble Youth Department talk room channel.

2023 Youth Bulletin Cover

2023 Youth Department  1st / 2nd general meeting

애틀랜타 새축복교회 청년부 2023 결산 총회

애틀랜타 새축복교회 청년부 2023 결산 총회

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뉴블청년부 셀편성 2차 총회  [LIVE] (1/14/2024)

뉴블청년부 셀편성 2차 총회 [LIVE] (1/14/2024)

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